Middle East & Africa Drones Market to grow at a 35.12% CAGR During 2021-26

The research report on the Middle East & Africa Drone Market provides a comprehensive analysis of the industry size, share, growth projection, segments, key competitors, recent developments, value chain optimization, historical data, key performance indicators, and strategic market growth analysis.

The Middle East & Africa Drone Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 35.12% during 2021-26. The research report also cites the prominent market drivers, growth opportunities, potential challenges, and key trends.

Prime Features of the Research Report:

The prime objective of this report is to help users understand the Middle East & Africa Drone Market’s definition, shares, segmentation, potential, key trends, and growth challenges. The readers will find this report extremely helpful in thoroughly understanding the market insights. The market data & information taken from reliable sources were checked & validated by the industry experts. The following are other inclusions of the Middle East & Africa Drone Market research report:

  • Covid-19 Impact Analysis on the market growth.
  • Regional/Country-Level Landscape
  • Figures citing sales volume & revenue.
  • Assessment of the major industry trends.
  • A citation of the prominent companies in the Market


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Market Players

The report encompasses the key market players including Company Profile, Production Capacity/Sales, Product/Service Specifications, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin Sales with a comprehensive analysis of the market's competitive structure and extensive information of factors that will challenge the growth of major market players. The following players are covered in the report:

  1. BAYKAR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems
  2. IAI
  3. Kronshtadt Group
  4. DJI
  5. EHang
  6. Shenzhen Damoda
  7. China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
  8. Microdrones GmbH
  9. FalconViz
  10. Terra Drone Corporation
  11. BlueBird Aero Systems Ltd.
  12. Airobotics Ltd.
  13. Integrated Aerial Systems
  14. AeroVironment Inc.
  15. Parrot SA


Market Segmentation:

  1. By Type
    1. Fixed Wings
    2. Rotary Wings
  2. By End Users
    1. Defense Establishments
    2. Construction
    3. Agriculture
    4. Law Enforcement
    5. Energy
    6. Others
  3. By Range
    1. Short Range
    2. Medium Range
    3. Long Range
  4. By Region
    1. Saudi Arabia
    2. UAE
    3. Israel
    4. Iran
    5. Egypt
    6. South Africa
    7. Turkey


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