Bupropion Prices in the Global Market Online

North America

North American region, primarily the United States market, displayed descending pricing sentiments for Bupropion throughout the final Quarter of 2022. At the start of the fourth quarter, the prices remained on the stable side as the demand remained dormant, following the trend of the previous month. Market players continue to keep a close eye on various factors that have impacted the market of almost all commodities, including Bupropion. Till November, the prices remained sturdy, with moderate demand balanced with overall supplies within the domestic market. Following December, the cost of Bupropion declined considerably and got settled at USD 71850/ MT CFR Los Angeles.

Asia Pacific

The Bupropion Prices in the Asia Pacific region, majorly in China, demonstrated a significant dip with ending of the last Quarter of 2022. Government data showed the official manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) fell to 48.0 in November, slipping well below last month's reading of 49.2 as steadily rising COVID-19 cases in the fourth quarter caused further disruptions and the prices of all the commodities, including Bupropion. Due to restrictions on the export of all commodities, including Bupropion, China's main issue was managing congested logistics on the key trade channels to North America and Europe during November, which additionally affected the price trends of Bupropion. With the end of the fourth quarter of 2022, the prices of Bupropion got assembled at USD 71000/MT FOB Shanghai, with declining demand and stockpiling of inventories among the market players.


During the fourth quarter of 2022, the prices of Bupropion showed mixed market sentiments in the European region. October month witnessed a continuous decrement in end-user demand for Bupropion. Following November, the prices inclined considerably and got stable in December with the settlement of USD 75570/MT CFR Hamburg in Germany. Furthermore, Bupropion's price trend in Germany was supported by a rapid decline in supply chain interruption and shipping costs. However, as growing energy prices began to level down at the end of 2022, inflation in Europe declined in December for the second consecutive month. Due to a decline in international orders, notably from exporting nations like China, demand decreased from the previous month. However, the inventories, with market players', remained larger, and their inquiries weaker during the Thanksgiving break.

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