First Quarter of 2023 in Asia- Pacific Alkyl Amine Prices

North America

The first quarter of 2023 proved to be a turbulent time for the US market's Alkyl Amine prices. Mixed sentiments were observed as the price of the product experienced fluctuations. In the initial month of the quarter, the price increased due to a scarcity of supply in the country. However, the demand from the downstream agriculture sector and polymer industry was commendable. In February, the price remained stable due to a balance between the demand and supply in the US market. Unfortunately, March saw a decline in the price of Alkyl Amine. The decrease was in line with the trend of its feedstock Ammonia, whose price fell by roughly 33% this month. Despite an oversupply of the product in the international market, low global demand pushed the feedstock Ammonia prices down, further impacting the price of Alkyl Amine.


The Asian market experienced a significant decrease in the price of Alkyl Amine during Q1 2023. The primary factor that caused this price fluctuation was the unstable price of feedstock Ammonia. In January, the price of the product rose by 3.7% in India, as the price of feedstock increased by 5.6%, and downstream industries continued to demand Alkyl Amine. However, in February and March, the price of the product fell by 3.5% and 6.6%, respectively, due to ample product availability in the Asian market and low domestic demand. The global demand for feedstock Ammonia also played a significant role in determining the price of Alkyl Amine. The increasing Ammonia Prices in the global market directly impacted the price of the product in the country. Moreover, the price trend of the product was influenced by the declining price of Ammonia, which fell by approximately 10% in March 2023. In summary, the fluctuating price of feedstock Ammonia and the varying demand from downstream industries significantly impacted the price of Alkyl Amine in the Asian market during Q1 2023.


During Q1 2023, the price of Alkyl Amine in the European market experienced mixed sentiments. The major reason behind the price fluctuations was attributed to imports from overseas, particularly from the United States. While the price of Alkyl Amine increased in the first month of the quarter, it declined rapidly in the second and third months due to decreased demand from downstream industries. Additionally, the high inflation rate and cost of living contributed to the decline in demand for the product as businesses were forced to increase their prices in response to the high cost of production. This, in turn, further reduced demand for the product. The price of the product in these months was also influenced by the overseas prices as the price of the product declined in the global market.

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