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North America

During the first quarter of 2023, the Soybean oil Prices in North America fluctuated due to conflicting market sentiments and erratic market dynamics. Prices dropped in the first half of Q1 as a result of the war's protracted settlement and the signing of various agreements between Russia and Ukraine. This, in turn, reduced the cost of edible oils, especially soybean oil. Because of the constant supply and low demand, the price remained low. All oils are now more affordable in the local US market as a result of the global decline in edible oil costs. Due to ample supplies on the domestic market, prices fell throughout the duration of the second half of the second month of Q1 2023. The third month of the quarter saw a price rise because the overall level of demand was high, and there was low availability of products available to meet customer needs.

Asia-Pacific region

Soybean oil prices fell in the Asia-Pacific region in Q1 2023. Importers raised their purchases at the beginning of the quarter, particularly in the first month, as a result of low global pricing and strong crush margins. China imported 6 MT of soybeans from Brazil in February, which was a record-high amount compared to a year earlier. Prices remained constant during the second month of the quarter as they continued to decline since there was sufficient demand from both domestic consumers and traders. Although during the last month of the quarter, market goods prices recovered to their typical range. The price of Soybean Oil was estimated to be USD 1377/MT at the end of Q4 for FOB Shanghai (China) in March 2023.


Soybean Oil prices fell in the European region in the first quarter of 2023, boosted by exporters who mostly fulfilled contracts that were already in place. While land logistics continued to run smoothly, there were more new contracts. Furthermore, because of efficient transportation and a sharp decline in fuel prices during the first half of the quarter, the product's price plummeted. Due to the availability of inventories on the domestic market and a drop in downstream demand, prices fell in the second part of Q1. Because there are no concerns about a limited supply, the product's price has decreased on the domestic market. The price of Soybean Oil was estimated to be USD 1385/MT for CFR Hamburg (Germany) in March, around the conclusion of Q1 2023.

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