Ivermectin Prices in the Global Market Online

North America

Ivermectin had shifting market patterns in the North American region during the fourth quarter of 2022. Beginning with Q4 2022, prices were predicted to rise through the second month of this quarter due to a high cost of manufacturing, numerous logistical problems, and growing inflation. Additionally, the market position was maintained well by rising transportation costs and port congestion at the major ports. Moreover, the market was favorably impacted by disorganization, a slowdown in API production, and rising energy prices. Prices begin to decline later in December 2022 due to softening inflation and declining end-user sector demand. Ivermectin prices were accessed at USD 138580/MT CFR Houston at the end of Q4 with an average quarterly tendency of 0.87%.


In the fourth quarter of 2022, the Ivermectin Prices witnessed fluctuating trajectory in the Asia Pacific region. At the commencement of Q4 2022, the prices were recorded to increase until the second month of Q4 due to increasing demand from the end-user sector, several logistic issues, and rising inflation. Also, the strict zero-COVID policies and repeated lockdowns in the Chinese provinces affected the market. The increased production cost on the back of rising energy prices and increased domestic manufacturing to cater to regional and international orders kept the market tight. However, later in December 2022, the prices of Ivermectin went down as the domestic merchants had enough inventories on their shelves. Further, the ease in the policies, along with low downstream demand, kept the market feeble. Towards the end of Q4, the prices of Ivermectin were recorded at USD 127250/MT FOB Shanghai (China), with an average quarterly declination of 0.52%.


In the Fourth quarter of 2022, the prices of Ivermectin showcased a see-saw trajectory in the European region. The downstream pharmaceutical sector's demand for Ivermectin was recorded to be consistent. However, the ongoing port congestion and supply disruption in the European region affected the supply chain and compelled the prices to increase in the first two months of Q4 022. Also, the high freight charges contributed to the hiked-up trajectory of Ivermectin. The European merchants decide to restock their inventories in bulk on the back of nearing the festive season to cater to the demand. Nevertheless, the prices dropped in December due to existing inventories and lowering demand from the end-user sector. Towards the end of Q4 2022, the prices of Ivermectin were recorded at USD 140200/MT with an average quarterly inclination of 0.35%.

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