Metronidazole Prices in the Online Global Market

North America

In North America, Metronidazole prices escalated from USD 36825/MT to USD 37525/MT in October and November of 2022 in the USA before dropping to USD 36225/mt in December. Metronidazole imports were halted during the first week of October due to China's Golden Week holiday. Given the substantial product inventories, domestic suppliers were able to meet the demand for most of the quarter, and up until this point, offtakes in the end-user industries continued to be above normal. The unanticipated increase in Covid cases in China caused a pattern shift in the market for Metronidazole in the second half of the quarter. However, when the economy expanded and the port backlog significantly decreased in November, the disrupted supply did progressively mend. 

Asia- Pacific

In the Asia Pacific region, the Metronidazole market revealed an assorted sentiment with price fluctuations during the entire fourth quarter of 2022. An increment of 7.1% in Metronidazole's price trend was seen in the first half of Q4, with prices settling at USD 33015/MT in November. Limited supplies among local retailers because of the slowdown in manufacturing activities during the Golden Week holidays in the initial week of October stimulated the rising price trend in the market. Also, with an increase in COVID cases, some parts of the country moved into lockdown and continued to cause instability in API exports. Later, in December, the manufacturers slowed down their production and were mainly focused on selling off their stocks even at cheap rates due to the ongoing yearlong destocking season. Thus, by the quarter ending December, prices of Metronidazole were estimated at USD 31800/MT in China.


During Q4 of 2022, Metronidazole prices increased in the European region from USD 38815/MT to USD 39905/MT in October and November, dropping to USD 38560/MT in December. Demand from the downstream pharmaceutical sector was higher in the first half of the quarter than in the second half due to the unexpected rise in coronavirus cases, which resulted in a decrease in orders. Players on the market have enough inventory on hand to fulfill any urgent order in terms of supply. The German CPI, which is assessed by EU-national criteria, showed a decrease in the annual inflation rate in December from 10% to 8.6%. Additionally, trade flows with Germany had restarted at a more considerable level, yet prices fell as a result of the market's dismal fundamentals.

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