Omeprazole Prices in the Global Market

North America

The North American market for Omeprazole experienced fluctuating sentiment in the fourth quarter of 2022 due to varying demand from downstream pharmaceutical sectors. Omeprazole prices in the US market increased by 4.3% till November and were estimated at USD 158600/MT; however, prices marginally decreased to USD 155600/MT in December. There were supply chain interruptions from a major exporting country, primarily China, due to the Golden Week holiday in the early week of October and subsequent Covid limitations. Though, the orders from downstream pharmaceutical companies were high due to low stocks, which boosted trader confidence in the domestic market. By the conclusion of the quarter, improvement in import frequency from Chinese ports resulted in sufficient market supply, which caused the cost to be slightly lower. Additionally, the demand from the downstream pharmaceutical sector decelerated in December as buyers purchasing interest waned amid the year-end season and waiting for new supply.

Asia- Pacific

In the Asia Pacific region, the Prices of Omeprazole revealed an assorted sentiment with price fluctuations during the entire fourth quarter of 2022. An increment of 3.5% in Omeprazole's price trend was seen in the first half of Q4, with prices settling at USD 145080/MT in November. Limited supplies among local retailers because of the slowdown in manufacturing activities during the Golden Week holidays in the initial week of October stimulated the rising price trend in the market. Also, with an increase in COVID cases, some parts of the country moved into lockdown and continued to cause instability in API exports. Later, in December, the manufacturers slowed down their production and were mainly focused on selling off their stocks even at cheap rates due to the ongoing yearlong destocking season. Thus, by the quarter ending December, prices of Omeprazole were estimated at USD 143655/MT in China.


Omeprazole had oscillating market dynamics during the fourth quarter of 2022 in Europe. Omeprazole prices in the French market rose to USD 172500/MT till November due to reduced import activity from China over the Golden Week vacation and zero Covid-19 limitations, which resulted in low supplies in the local market. Omeprazole prices, however, fell 1.3% in December, settling at USD 170325/MT in France due to declining demand from the downstream pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors, which had impacted the French market's fundamentals and led to a price reduction. Domestic retailers also had adequate inventory to fulfill demand generally, which led to a downward trend towards the end of the quarter.

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