Create an Individual TA Member Profile

Follow these steps to create an individual TA member profile for yourself (based on your first and last name) that will appear on this website, as well as TA's two business end-user customer facing websites, and  

(This is for individuals only. If you wish to create and promote a profile for your company name, please email [email protected].)

After you successfully create your individual profile you will be able to find it by adding "/your_TA_username" to the end of or Most TA members user the to promote their profile in much the same way they promote their LinkedIn profile page.


TA Member Individual Profile Creation Steps

1. Check For an Existing Profile - If you're one of TA's 2,500 Twitter followers you most likely already have a "starter" TA profile where your TA user name is the same as your Twitter handle. Please check to see if your starter TA profile already exists. TA Executive Director Dan Baldwin has also created starter profiles for many people he interacts with. To see if a profile has been created for you already, go to and search on your last name. 


2. Retrieve Existing TA Account or Create a New One - At, follow the log-in instructions to attempt to retrieve an existing TA account created from your Twitter follow of TA or simply create a new account using your email address. IMPORTANT: When creating your TA profile user name you need to use some combination of your name. if you have a TA user name from your Twitter handle and it's not some variation of your first and last name, PLEASE change your TA user name to some variation of your name. This is a RULE.


3. Click Email Link to Confirm Your Account - Follow the semi-clunky directions to click the confirmation email link. Sometimes you need to have the confirmation email re-sent to you.


4. Log Onto Your Account - Once you've clicked the confirmation email, use your userID and password to log onto the website.


5. Click the Cog Under Your Photo - In the top right hand corner of the page you'll see your name and photo with a "cog icon" directly below. Click the cog icon to access your website account info page.


6. Click Profile Tab - Once you have the profile tab open go ahead and start making up your profile. Start with a short overview of what you're most highly recommended for by your best clients. Finish with an organized listing of all the top keywords that you want to be found for AND you have customer references for. DO NOT list keywords that you do not have customer references for.


7. Keep it Neat & Organized - TA wants your profile to look professional. Profile that don't look finished or professional will be unpublished. The easiest way to make your profile fancy is to use the HTML code tab on the profile bar along with an WYSIWYG online HTML editor like this one.


8. Have TA Do it For You - In exchange for a donation, TA will create a professional TA member profile for you AND vet your qualifications and experience for peer-reviewed TA partner awards recognition. If you qualify for awards recognition, TA will affix your TA partner awards to your TA profile AND licence you to use the copyrighted TA awards artwork on your own website, business cards, email signature, etc.  To have TA create your page and vet you for peer-reviewed partner awards, complete this  


TA Member Profile Rules

1. Must Register Cell & Email - You don't need to publicly publish your cell or email but a working cell number and email address must be registered on your TA account. The reason you can get a complimentary profile from TA is you provide your phone and email so TA vendors can (through TA's monitored control) communicate useful information with you.


2. User Names Need To Be Your Name -  You can use any combination of first or last names. If you have a current user name that is your Twitter handle and it's not your name, please change your TA user name to some combination of your name.


3. You Must Have a Head Shot Photo - No photo, no profile. We require this because your face makes our website look good. Your phone has a camera. Have someone take your photo. Better yet, pay $50 for a professional head shot and use that.


4. Your LinkedIn URL is Required - The easiest way to know you're for real in this industry is see who in the industry you're connected to.  You need to publicly publish your LinkedIn profile URL on your TA member profile you don't have a LinkedIn profile, start one.


5. Don't List Keywords You Don't Have Customer References For - If you don't have a customer that can confirm you have competence in a particular keyword DO NOT LIST THE KEYWORD.


6. TA May Modify of Remove Any Profile Without Notice - This probably won't happen if you adhere to our simple and professional rules. When time permits we communicate with members about profile problems before taking action. 


7. Post First, Ask Second - The most efficient way for TA to let you know if your profile content is appropriate is to post it, publish it and then email us your questions or concerns at [email protected]. Be sure and include "TA Profile Question for (Your Username)" in the subject line of your email inquiry. We'll take a look, maybe add an edit and then reply to your email.