Dental Bone Graft Market Growth 2023 – Key drivers, Business insights, Trends

The growing awareness about dental bone grafts and the increasing disposable income of consumers is also likely to be a major driver for the global dental bone graft market over the forecast period, as consumers are more inclined towards more expensive processes that may offer a better success rate than other, ameliorative procedures.

Dental bone grafts are used as a platform in operations where the loss of a tooth has to be compensated by the addition of a synthetic tooth. Dental bone grafts are particularly useful when trauma or disease results in the loss of the underlying bone of the tooth, which needs to be replaced. Dental bone grafts are inserted into the cavity left by the bone and are used as the platform for further dental structures, such as crowns. 

The global dental bone graft market is expected to exhibit a robust CAGR of 7.8% over the forecast period from 2018 to 2027, according to the latest market research report from Market Research Future (MRFR). The report provides readers with a complete view of the market by providing information about the global dental bone graft market’s historical growth trajectory, present condition, and future growth prospects. Key drivers and restraints affecting the global dental bone graft market are also assessed in the report.


The global dental bone graft market is segmented on the basis of type, product, material form, application, end use, and region.

On the basis of type, the global dental bone graft market is segmented into synthetic bone grafts, xenografts, allografts, demineralized allografts, and others. The synthetic bone graft segment is further sub-segmented into ceramics, tricalcium phosphate, hydroxyapatite, and others, while the demineralized allograft segment is further sub-segmented into bioresorbable and non-bioresorbable allografts.

On the basis of product, the global dental bone graft market is segmented into Bio-Oss, Grafton, OsteoGraf, and others.

On the basis of material form, the global market is segmented into injectable, granules, and putty.


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