Everything you need to know about the Eggshell Membrane?

The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 has hugely affected many industries all across the globe. According to the Research Dive published report, the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the global eggshell membrane market. This is mainly due to shutting down of industries and the availability of various substitutes for egg-based products. Moreover, people are shifting towards vegan and vegetarian diets, which is likely to restrict the eggshell membrane market growth in the coming future.

Potential of Eggshell Membrane to Penetrate in Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics and personal care products with ‘natural’ ingredients have captured a committed space on retail shelves. This can be attributed to the constant assessment and re-assessment of consumer’s products. Eggshell membrane powder comprises of collected collagen types, such as keratin, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which contribute to the complete attributes of eggshell membrane powder that includes elasticity and hydration. Such particulars are peddled to coagulate the potential of eggshell membrane as an effective raw material for personal care and cosmetic products.

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COVID-19 and Eggshell Membrane Market

With rising applications all over agricultural, biological, and ecological engineering spaces, the agricultural by-products are moving up the eminence scale due to COVID-19 impact. Eggshell membrane is amongst one of the high-potential individuals of this class, which is increasing far reaching response across different end-use industries. Though the trend of utilizing eggshell membrane substitutes for supplementation or fortification has been around for some time, the COVID-19 outbreak has upsurges the demand for natural products.

Some ways in which COVID-19 is impacting the eggshell membrane market and how the how the industry is tackling this challenge are listed below:

  1. Global Approach towards Health

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, purchasers are moving their well-being approach and picking healthier products instead searching for functional ingredients. Consumers are now staying away from products loaded with additives & stabilizers and focusing on natural products. In addition, consumers are not ready to purchase products even though they are guaranteeing to be low-fat. Consequently, consumers are deciding on natural and progressively nutraceutical products that are produced using eggshell membrane powder.

  1. Adopting Several Strategies to Sustain

Since the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 virus, many industries were shut down and the impact on eggshell membrane market is destructive. The pandemic has hampered the production segment and also, disordered the industrial supply chain. Many governments of various countries have announced complete lockdown to stop the spread of life-threatening virus. However, various industry such as Stratum Nutrition is still operating in this chaotic situation to fulfill the demand of suppliers. The company is a leading supplier of the innovative and commercialized eggshell membrane, which is providing an important update on the essential measurements to assure the well-being of employees.

  1. Increasingly Used in Medical Sector

Egg membrane can similarly be utilized in the field of medicine for bone grafting. For instance, replacing steel and preparing artificial bones. It is also used in other plastic materials for the production of artificial bone. The calcium substance that looks like the human bone is utilized in artificial egg membrane-established bones. It is also used in drug-delivery therapy. However, due to COVID-19 outbreak, there is less demand for egg membrane powder.

How Growth will Unfold in the Market After the Pandemic

The growth of eggshell membrane market will spin around consumer-centric innovations, with major market players keeping an eye on the developing market trends. The leading brands are already participating in various conferences, online marketing campaigns, and promotional events for the fact that unique product reach will be the key to improved sales performance after COVID-19 pandemic. These market players are also focusing on continuous improvements in the existing as well as novel product prototypes in order to recover the losses and achieve a strong market position. On the other hand, research and development is estimated to be the epicenter of growth strategies adopted by the manufacturers.


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