Submission Guidelines & Rules

Any TA member can submit any content item they desire. Please note these guidelines & rules:


1. Immediate Publication - After you click "post" your submission is immediately published. Please make a note of the web address or URL so you can promote your post to others. 

2. Edit & Delete Requests - Email them to [email protected] or [email protected]

3. Including MultiMedia - This site uses Embedly to publish video, photos, etc. Just put the URL of the multimedia on it's own separate line starting with "http://..." with no spaces before the "http://..."

4. How TA Promotes Your Post - Initially your post will only appear as a blog post on the Submit page. TA will review your submission and promote it on our various other pages as appropriate so it gets the greatest number of views by the best audiences. You can help TA better understand where to promote the content by letting us know on which websites and webpages TA controls that you'd like your content promoted. Please write promotion directions to TA at the bottom of your submission in parenthesis.


1. Be Professional - Even negative feedback can be delivered in an objective manner. Sarcasm is discouraged. Opinions are fine.

2. Use Your Real Name - No anonymity. Plus all posters must have a valid Linked In page so TA can evidence that "you're real".

3. TA Decides -  You can post anything you like but TA reserves for itself the final say as to whether the content needs editing or unpublishing.

Questions? Contact Dan Baldwin at [email protected]