Media News

National media news ICT headlines sort into these seven categories:

1. Applications: What users do with ICT 
2. End Points: The hardware & software users interface with to access applications
3. Plumbing: The pipes & boxes that connect users to applications & each other
4. Security: That which provides for user privacy 
5. Future: What's coming
6. Regulatory: That which provides for both fairness & freedom
7. Marketing & Misc: ICT commerce & unclassified


Application News


Messaging App Line’s Next Step: A Line-Branded Smartphone? WSJ 3/31/15

Twitter’s Periscope live video app kills the press conference WaPo 3/26/15

As Twitter Introduces Periscope, Tech Titans Bet on Live Streaming Video NYT 3/27/15

Using social media for your federal agency Or any big company department that interfaces the public  Example WaPo 3/18/15

Microsoft Backs Further Away From Selling Software Free upgrade to Windows 10 NYT 3/18/15

E-signature, mobile tools in Adobe PDF subscription service For businesses & consumers WaPo 3/17/15

Facebook Announces a Payments Feature for Its Messenger App System to rival PayPal? NYT 3/17/15

Will Your Boss "Gamify" Your Job to make you more productive? NYT 3/15/15

Microsoft Has Its ‘Groove Back,’ Say Some CIOs WSJ 3/9/15

Slack, the Office Messaging App That May Finally Sink Email  But are workers ready to see everything every other worker says at work? NYT 3/11/15

What's Office Messaging? HipChat videos show a work day beyond meetings & email YT 2/25/15

End Points   

Sprint to Test Home Delivery of New Phones CEO tries to keep subscribers with labor-intensive offer and 5,000 Sprint-branded cars WSJ 4/13/15

Google’s Cheapest Chromebooks Yet: $149 Hisense and Haier Laptops WSJ 3/31/15

Surface 3: Microsoft’s Budget Tablet Gets Full Windows 8.1 WSJ 3/31/15

Amazon Dash: Order products with the touch of a button WaPo 3/31/15

Microsoft resurrects the Surface with third try CW 3/31/13   

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand IE will live on, but only as plumbing for Windows Verge 3/17/15

BlackBerry Unveils Security-Focused Tablet Developed with IBM & Samsung to increase enterprise & government market share WSJ 3/14/15

Smartphones on a Budget How to save money with year-old and non-contract phones NYT 2/25/15

Get the Most From Your Google Android Phone NYT 1/21/15

Getting the Most Out of Apple iOS 8 NYT 1/14/15

Device Syncing: Call From Computers and Text From Tablets NYT 1/11/15

Review: Google Chromebook Pixel by NYT's Molly Wood NYT 1/11/15

Chromebooks Win Buyers Ready to Live in the Cloud by NYT's Molly Wood NYT 5/21/14


Google Fiber forcing rivals to lower pricing When Google comes to town it's good news for consumers 4/13/15


Google Pressures AT&T’s Broadband Prices WSJ 3/30/15

Charter Cable Buys Bright House for $10.4 billion WSJ 3/31/15  
Master Agency Responses CP 4/2/15

Telecom’s Next Goal: Defining 5G Industry pools knowledge in race to go beyond fast download speeds WSJ 3/9/15

Google Wireless Plan Has One Catch New Service Will Only Work on Latest Nexus 6 Smartphone WSJ 3/5/15

T-Mobile Takes Aim at Business Market Carrier hopes to lure business customers with $16 flat-fee pricing plan WSJ 3/15/15

T-Mobile Aims for Business Customers NYT 3/18/15



IBM to Invest $3 Billion with Weather Channel, others on IoT projects WSJ 3/31/15


IBM Scores Weather Data Deal and Starts IoT Unit NYT 3/31/15


IBM’s creates business unit for the Internet of Things WaPo 3/31/15


For Hardware Makers, Sharing Their Secrets Is Now Part of the Business Plan NYT 3/29/15   


The Internet of "Moving" Things has arrived.  Check out this NPR story and then this video to learn more. NPR 3/2/15


Big Data


Twitter’s Evolving Plans to Make Money From Its Data Stream NYT 4/13/15


White House first chief data scientist is no stranger to Washington WaPo 3/27/15


Got BGP? Get guaranteed bandwidth for critical applications on your BGP protocol network without buying more bandwidth.  Learn how at Sponsored


IBM Introduces Twitter-Fueled Data Services for Business to help predict future customer behavior NYT 3/17/15


Facebook Readies New-Breed Servers, Aided by Intel Company has been pushing hardware manufacturers to improve their designs WSJ 3/10/15



French Broadcaster TV5 Monde Recovers After Hacking NYT 4/13/15


Wall St. Is Told to Tighten Digital Security of Partners NYT 4/13/15


China Is Said to Use Powerful New "Great Cannon" Weapon to Censor Internet NYT 4/13/15


AT&T will pay $25 million after call-center workers sold customer data WaPo 4/13/15


Secrecy on the Set: Hollywood Embraces Digital Security NYT 3/30/15


China has weaponized the Great Firewall, says a free-speech group WaPo 3/30/15  


U.S. Coding Website GitHub Hit With Cyberattack WSJ 3/29/15  


Slack Gets Hacked as Start-Up Technologies Become Targets NYT 3/27/15  


Dems divided on federal anti-hacking bill Don't want to weaken stronger state laws or remove lawsuit threat 3/18/15


Blue Cross Discloses Data Breach Cyberattack Exposed Medical Data NYT 3/17/15


Is using email encryption suspicious? Half of Americans say yes, according to Pew WaPo 3/17/15


Corporation Under Fire for Monitoring Students’ Twitter Posts Corporate due diligence or spying on children? NYT 3/17/15


Police Departments Deploy Fake Cell Towers to Track Cell Calls Are they listening to your business calls? NYT 3/15/15


Cell Phone Encrypting Software Does it work? (Video) NYT 2/19/14


5 Reasons MSPs Love Time-Based Cloud Retention/BDR    





The Path Toward Tomorrow’s Internet NYT 3/30/15


Drones Beaming Web Access Are in the Stars for Facebook NYT 3/26/15


How Long to Get 50 Million Users? Infographic shows 75 years for phones & 35 days for angry birds WSJ 3/13/15


The Business Phone Call is Back WSJ article discusses how new business phone companies (Switch, Twilio, Talko, Biba) are taking customers from old business phone companies (AT&T, Cisco, Alcatel) WSJ 3/12/15





Net neutrality will be fair game for lawsuits starting next week WaPo 4/13/15


T-Mobile Emerges a Wireless Auction Winner WSJ 3/30/15


Harry Reid’s retirement could give tech companies a huge leg up in the Senate WaPo 3/27/15


FCC Nears Opening Some Airwaves for Cheaper Wireless Use WSJ 3/27/15


Congress wants to open up vast troves of federal airwaves for your cellphone WaPo 3/26/15


How to end a fight over who should regulate Internet providers WaPo 3/26/15


Republicans can’t overturn the FCC’s new net neutrality rules without this Democrat And he’s not playing along. WaPo 3/19/15


Verizon pays $3.4 million after failing to fix a 911 outage in time 3/18/15

Net Neutrality Explainer Video from WSJ If you're building a tutorial page of ICT terms, include this video WSJ 3/13/15


Marketing & Misc.   


The Gap Between Auto Dealers and Social Media NYT 4/13/15


The 12 Tech Nuisances That Annoy Us Most Endless notifications, uneven updates, short-lived batteries and other modern headaches WSJ 3/10/15