TA's 2015 Top 10 Member Benefits

Following are the top 2015 TA member benefits available to TA’s 3,800 members. To access these benefits now, re-register for 2015 as a complimentary member at TA’s new mobile device friendly website www.TAnews.net/Join.


1. Vendor Promo eBlasts - When TA’s 50 vendor members have a partner or customer promotion designed to affect which vendors that customers choose for deals closing this month, they blast that info to TA’s 3,800 members through TA’s vendor eblast program. Don’t allow your best clients to learn about a better vendor offer from your competition.


2. Vendor Reviews - On TA’s new website, any member can instantly post and read reviews of any ICT vendor being reported by any other TA member. Don’t get caught recommending a vendor that other TA members report is failing their clients.


3. Peer & Vendor Assistance - Got a problem pulling together a solution for a client? Post a “Partner Inquiry” at TA’s website to pick the brains of TA’s 3,800 members. As a TA member you’ve got direct access to the smartest problem solvers in the industry - call on them to help your clients and yourself.


4. Share a Press Release - Have you put together a unique solution that you think TA members might be able to take advantage of? Post a press release to let TA’s 3,800 members know what they might be missing out on. TA’s members join to be able to help one another.


5. Change the Channel - Got an industry gripe or a new idea that you want to enroll other TA members into to change the channel? Post a “Letter to the Editor” to let your 3,800 peers know where you think the channel is headed or where you think it needs to go.


6. Find Recommended Providers - When your clients expect you to bring the very best vendors or solution experts into a deal, turn to TA’s “Recommended Solution Provider Directory” sorted by category and company.  Our directory not only names the best vendors in 89 categories, it also shares the names of the top vendor partners for those categories. Don’t compete against the best, find out who the best vendors and partners are for any deal category and then bring them into the deal yourself!


7. Earn Partner Award Recognition - TA has recognized vendors with annual TA awards since 2006. In 2015, TA began recognizing the top “TA1000” members with our new peer-reviewed partner awards program. To learn how you can get vetted for partner award recognition, please visit www.TA1000.com.


8. Keyword Searchable TA Profiles - Your best past customers probably found you by asking a mutual associate for a referral. Your next best customer will find you (or your competitor) by searching the internet for keywords that you (and your competitor) specialize in. Make sure that your next best customer finds you first with a keyword searchable TA member profile at www.TA1000.com or www.ICT.Guide, TA’s two new websites designed to connect business end-users to TA members and vendors.


9. Publish Your Category Expertise to End Users - Every day, TA publishes topical ICT category news stories at TA’s new end-user website www.ICT.guide for the purpose of making sure that business end-users looking for ICT solutions find them from TA members and vendors. The primary way we do this is be inviting our Ta member category experts to share expert comments on our ICT news posts. To ensure your expert comments are seen by business end-users looking for your expertise, bookmark and check everyday the web page http://www.ict.guide/seeking. This page shows you the categories and topical stories you can comment on.


10. Share Your Offers Directly with Business End Users - At TA’s new www.ICT.guide website for end-users, as a TA member you are invited to publicly post your unique customer offerings so business end-users can find you at the Press Release blog. Don’t lose your next big customer to a competitor because your competitor published a customer offer press release and you didn't.


To access these benefits now, re-register for 2015 as a complimentary member at TA’s new mobile device friendly website www.TAnews.net/Join.