Metagenomic Sequencing Market Overview, Trends and COVID-19 Analysis Forecast

Metagenomics sequencing, also known as environmental or community genomics is an approach that allows insight to be gained into community biodiversity and function. In the process of metagenomics sequencing, the DNA of the specified host microorganism is extracted and cloned directly from the microorganism using genetic analyses of DNA.

The function of metagenomic sequencing which is to sequence the genomes of untargeted cells in a community in order to elucidate community composition and function helps to understand the several types of cells in a community and what organisms are present in their physiology.

Currently, the metagenomic sequencing market is growing pervasively. The dominant factors driving this growth include the rising awareness of genetic disorders, advanced technological platforms, and the availability of improved genomic tools. Moreover, the continually dropping prices of this process are escalating the market on the global platform, encouraging people to undergo genetic tests.

Metagenomic Sequencing Market   – Segmentation

MRFR has segmented the report into four key dynamics for an easy grasp;

By Technology: Sequencing and Bioinformatics among others.

By Application: Infectious Disease Diagnosis, Environmental Remediation, Gut Microbe Characterization, Biotechnology, Biofuel, Ecology, and Agriculture among others.

By End-user: Hospitals, Research Institutes, and Specialized Clinics among others.                                                                

By Regions:  North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest-of-the-World (RoW).


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