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One Association with Three Websites is one of three websites published by Telecom Association ("TA"), a membership organization of 3,800 information & communications technology ("ICT") professionals founded in 1995.

This website connects ICT industry "partners" and "vendors" for the purpose of finding the best ICT solutions to distribute to business end user customers. TA's www.ICT.Guide is a website that educates business end users about the value of purchasing ICT solutions through independent ICT partners and their vetted ICT vendors.  TA's website helps business end users verify that the ICT partner they are considering is peer reviewed and recommended by the ICT industry.


Members We Serve

PARTNERS - Partners are independent consultants and sales partners that help business end-users choose the right ICT solution (anything that mixes telecom and IT) for their business. 

VENDORS - Vendors are the companies that create the ICT solutions (voice & data networks, communications equipment, software, managed services, etc.) that independent sales partners distribute to business end users. In addition to selling through partners, vendors may also sell directly to business end-users.

END USERS - End users turn to TA to get vendor neutral information about how to best integrate a multi-vendor ICT solution as well as how to choose a peer-reviewed independent sales partner/consultant who will bring in the right ICT vendors.

OTHERS - We also accept as members anyone interested in providing services to our members as well as individuals and firms interested in becoming an ICT vendor or independent sales partner/consultant. 


7 Benefits We Provide

NEWS - We help all members keep track of the latest ICT solutions and the highest rated ICT vendors through our websites & email newsletters.

REVIEWS - We solicit vendor and partner reviews from all our members so we can then report who are the top vendors and partners.

RECOMMENDATIONS - Our constantly evolving Recommended Solution Provider Directory identifies the top vendors and their partners in 89 ICT solution categories.  

AWARDS - We help partners and end users recognize the top ICT vendors and partners in the industry with our annual awards.

PROFILES - Partner and vendor members maintain TA profiles so that partners & end users can easily discover the best ICT solution providers to team up with.

GUIDES - We regularly produce vendor neutral guides for partners and end users to help them understand new and evolving ICT technologies so they can then select the best ICT solution providers to team up with.

MARKETING - TA acts as a marketing cooperative to help ICT partners and vendors economically find one another and to help the best ICT partners and vendors in the industry get their messages in front of business end users looking for their services and solutions.


Membership Levels

COMPLIMENTARY - Anyone can become a member for free to access our content and create a public membership profile by clicking the "Join" link on any of our three websites.

PARTNER - Professional partners can request to be vetted by TA for inclusion in our Recommended Solution Provider Directory and our annual awards program.  Partners who support TA with a voluntary pledge are licensed to display TA's copyright protected award artwork. To request to be vetted for partner recognition in our directory and awards program please send an email to [email protected] with the words "Partner Vetting Request" in the subject line.

VENDOR - Any ICT solution provider can become a paid vendor member for the benefit of being vetted for inclusion in our Recommended Solution Provider Directory and our annual awards program. Paid TA vendor members receive enhanced visibility to TA partner members through our email eBlast, directory and awards programs. Paid TA vendors are also licensed to display TA's copyright protected award artwork. To request to be vetted for vendor recognition in our directory and awards program please send an email to [email protected] with the words "Vendor Vetting Request" in the subject line.



Please contact TA Executive Director, Dan Baldwin at [email protected].