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The emerging advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and other major driving factors is expected to favor the rise in the global electronic grade hydrogen peroxide market


Reports and Insights has published a new report titled, “Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Market: Opportunity Analysis and Future Assessment 2022-2030”

Global Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Market, By Primary Function (Etchant (Etching Agent), Oxidizing & Cleaning Agent), By Concentration (30 - 32 %, Above 32%), By Contamination Level (<100 ppb, <10 ppb, <1 ppb, <0.1 ppb, < 0.01 ppb), By Application (Printed Circuit Board Etching, Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning, Flat Panel Display Manufacturing, Photovoltaic Manufacturing, Others) and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, & Africa) is expected to grow at a significant CAGR for the period between 2022 and 2030.

Hydrogen peroxide can be perceived as a colorless liquid at room temperature with an unpleasant bitter taste. The insignificant amounts of gaseous hydrogen peroxide crop up naturally in the air. Hydrogen peroxide is volatile, decomposable easily to water and oxygen with discharge of heat. Even though non-flammable, hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent that has the potential to induce impulsive combustion when it gets in touch with organic material.

Hydrogen peroxide is generally found in several households at low concentrations (3-9%) for medicinal applications and as a hair and clothes bleach. In industrial use, hydrogen peroxide in higher concentrations is majorly employed as a bleach for paper and textiles, as an element of rocket fuels, and for manufacturing organic chemicals and foam rubber. Hydrogen peroxide can be employed in the semiconductor industry.

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As per the statistics, the demand for high-purity hydrogen peroxide registers for 10%-15% of the aggregate high-purity reagent intake in the semiconductor industry. The utmost purity hydrogen peroxide is also an essential raw material for caprolactam. One of the major factors that is primarily driving the growth of the market can be attributed to the greater complexity in semiconductor chips, which is resultantly boosting the demand for premium quality electronic grade hydrogen peroxide for efficient cleaning and purification of fine geometries and tools.

In addition to that, the growing utilization of the chemical in inscription of printed circuit boards along with sulphuric acid is further estimated to elevate the demand of electronic grade hydrogen peroxide across the market. Attributing to which, the global electronic grade hydrogen peroxide market is anticipated to witness significant growth in the coming years.

Apart from that, the looming technologies such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and Internet of Things are set about to accelerate the semiconductor industry which is further estimated to strengthen the demand for printed circuit boards. Thus, the global electronic grade hydrogen peroxide market is expected to observe major breakthroughs over the forecast period.

Reports and Insights Study identifies some of the key participating players in the electronic grade hydrogen peroxide market globally are Solvay SA, Arkema, Inc., Evonik Industries AG, PeroxyChem LLC, Changchun Group, Grasim Industries Limited, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Akzo Nobel N.V., Kemira Oyj, OCI Company Ltd, among others.


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