Refurbished Medical Devices Market growth 2023 - Swot analysis, trends & major market players

The global report on the refurbished medical devices market focuses on several factors that can inspire growth in the coming years. These factors are the rising demand for these products from developing and under-developed countries where there is a budget constraint for top-class models. 

Market Research Future (MRFR) made some interesting predictions about the refurbished medical devices market. The market is set to score a 10.8% CAGR during the forecast period of 2018-2023.

Competitive Landscape:

Stryker Corporation (US), GE Healthcare (US), Siemens Healthcare (Germany), Phillips Healthcare (Netherlands), Johnson & Johnson (US), First Source, Inc (U.S.), DMS Topline (U.S.), Agito Medical (Denmark), Toshiba Medical System (Japan), Soma Technology (U.S.), and Block Imaging International (US) are some of the companies who are having a strong impact on the global market growth during the forecast period.

These companies would use their strategic mechanisms to trigger global market growth. Merger, research and development, innovation, acquisition, launching, branding, tie-up, and others are major methods that these players take up to inspire market growth.


The global report on the refurbished medical devices market has been segmented by MRFR analysts on the basis of diagnostic devices and therapeutic devices. These segments have several aspects that can be studied for a better market understanding. The process is expected to become easier with inputs on the basis of charts, graphs, and figures. 

By diagnostic devices, the global market for refurbished medical devices can be segmented into CT scanners, X-Ray Machines, MRI machines, Ultrasound Systems, patient monitors, ECG systems, and others. The patient monitor segment can be studied on the basis of portable patient monitoring devices and others.



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