Which new trends are likely to be seen in Construction Chemicals in ?

Since the very beginning man has undergone a series of changes in his lifestyle. Today, man's shelter has changed from caves or “under the trees” to multistory building, sub-terrain bunkers and multiplexes—all thanks to the invention of advanced construction chemicals. The construction sector has been working on the challenges faced in the past to make the constructions sleeker, stronger as well as several sizes & shapes and at sites that confront imaginations. 

Concrete and other supplies including sand, blocks, bricks, wood, stones, etc. are being used widely right from the foundation below the ground till the rooftop. However, when man came to know about modern chemistry, he came up with a variety of chemicals called construction chemicals, which are currently the base of the current construction industry. These chemicals are essential elements for building complex constructions and have truly altered the paradigm of construction industry. These chemicals have found applications in numerous construction projects for improving the quality of construction materials and increasing the sustainability of the project. Significant rise in urbanization along with advanced construction activities across the globe are boosting the demand for construction chemicals.

Construction chemicals are nothing but chemical compounds that are used in building structures. Polymers are one of the most significant type of materials and are present in the formation of almost every construction chemical. Construction chemicals are mainly used for speeding up the work in construction projects that are under development or in new projects to add strength and durability to the constructions. These chemicals are mixed in a variety of construction materials to increase productivity, increase performance, boost functionality, and to safeguard the components of a building. 

Construction chemicals comprise of a varied range of products which includes flooring chemicals, sealants, admixtures, water proofing chemicals, grouts, and chemicals for maintenance and repair of structures. At present, these products are among the vital components that goes into constructing a building or structure. Here’s a list of some of the types of construction chemicals, which are used massively in the construction industry.

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Construction chemicals can be extensively categorized into:

1. Concrete Admixtures:

These chemicals are soluble in water and are mixed in minute quantities to concrete mixtures for altering certain properties. They help in minimizing the construction projects’ costs and alters the characteristics of hardened concrete.

2. Flooring Compounds:

Today, there are different types of flooring materials available. As flooring adds warmth and charm, it is considered as a vital component of a structure. Numerous flooring materials are available today that are made using flooring adhesives. One such important flooring material is tile grouts. It is used to fill the seams of tiles and provides a finishing look.

3. Waterproofing Chemicals:

Waterproofing chemicals are mainly used to prevent water leakage in the commercial as well as residential buildings. They are applied on construction components in order to prevent water from leaking and preventing destruction of the element. They are specially applied to those structures that are frequently in contact of water.

4. Caulks and Sealants:

Caulks and sealants are basically a barrier to external factors like dust particles, liquids, moisture, oxygen, etc. They are known to seal an opening or a surface in order to avoid leakage of any gas or liquid. Usually, they are used to fill small gaps that are tough to cover, with materials such as drywall, concrete, etc. 

5. Chemicals to Repair and Rehabilitate Structures:

Everything that is being developed needs repair and maintenance after certain duration of time or due to some external damages. There are different types of chemicals available for revamping and maintaining the constructions.  Some of the chemicals that play a vital role in repair and rehabilitation of structures are bonding agents, primers, Admixtures, corrosion inhibitors, anti-corrosive coatings, and grouts.

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